Collaborate with Chaos.

Mecha Chaotic is an art first experience.

Whether that's helping craft how a Metabeing looks during a livestream, or with an interactive minting ritual where the decisions you and the community make decide the effect not only what you get, but the collection as a whole.

Mechas are born into one of the Five Factions - The Many, Sanctuary,   GL-4M, Void, and Baros.

Owning a piece from any Mecha Chaotic collection gives you access to the community, and livestreams to help craft metabeings, obtain custom derivatives drawn live by Ethan S. Brewerton, and all the other activities that will be created in the future!

Welcome to a universe riddled with madness, wreathed in mystery, and crafted by you.

Bedlam is a collection of 9666 abominations manifesting on the Ethereum blockchain.

In a twisted, two part ritual, collectors will mint an NFT with traits guided by the Symbols of Power they choose to use in their ritual.

Step 1

Summoning Ceremony

In step one, minters can hold their minted Symbols of Power in preparation for the next step of the mint, or they can reach out and trade with another owner on the secondary market.


Whitelisted wallets and phase 1 NFT holders will have 24 hours to mint their Bedlam NFT (Completed)

Your Bedlam NFT will begin as a summoning token. Each summoning token will have 6 properties randomly assigned known as Symbols of Power

Symbols of Power are the ingredients that you will use to influence your final art in Step 2.

Step 2

Ritual Ceremony

Step two of the mint will consume your Symbols of Power, creating an avatar that has been randomly generated, influenced by the choices you made.

24 hours after sellout the ritual ceremony will begin

For each NFT, you will arrange 5 Symbols of Power from your pool on the ritual circle. You’ll be asked to sign in order to submit your choices, with a small transaction fee.

24-48 hours after the ritual ceremony begins, the metadata for your summoning tokens will change to reflect a randomly generated Bedlam creature with elements influenced from the Symbols of Power you chose

Note: Any summoning token that is not assigned Symbols of Power before the ritual ceremony ends will be automatically transformed into a randomly generated metabeing, utilizing five random symbols of power from the token’s attributes.

Symbols of Power

Each Symbol of Power provides a different twist of chaos that may influence your final Bedlam NFT.


To seek the Symbol of Dominance is not to seek control, instead it is to seek conversion. Not to a religion or even an idea, but to reach out and grasp at the cold, calculating tendrils of the machine. To seek dominance is to leave behind all desire to dominate, and in doing so gain that power.


Those who make it their life’s work to seek out the Symbol of Chaos gaze into the abyss and find absolute madness staring back at them. In the unknowable beauty of chaos there is a didactic fervor. In its agony, it wants you to know its insanity. You will be taught how to spread its message. To embrace insanity is to reshape oneself in the image of true power.


In mankind’s oldest legends, hulking beasts wrapped themselves in flame-wreathed scales, and lorded over mortals. Humanity never forgot the plundered hordes of gold, never forgave the cities burned to ash. Those who quest for the Apex Symbol do so in the knowledge that they seek the audience of powers so vast that reality itself quails before it.


The greatest fear of man is not the grave, but what might drag itself back from the pit. To harness the Symbol of the Corrupted is to command the restless spectres of the damned. Chittering, hissing, and anguished cries of the resurrected dead ring in the ears of those who face corruption. A heart of gold won’t save a hero, for that is exactly what the blackness of the grave desires.


The Beast Symbols offer a promise: to move beyond emotion and thought, to embrace instinct. Nothing fights harder than a cornered beast. In the primal mind there is no right, no wrong; evil does not exist, there is only the hunt and the will to endure. Those who seek the Beast Symbols, seek freedom. They seek a savage innocence.


Founder/Lead Artist

Ethan S. Brewerton  T

Ethan grew up in Connecticut spending much of his time creating, whether with Legos, clay, sticks, paper, or whatever else he could get his hands on.  The drive to create has followed him all through his life.  Occasionally this creative passion would lead him to engineering, inventing, and architecture.  All the while marveling over Monsters, Superheros, Dinosaurs, and Dragons.

Now as an NFT artist, he smashes all of that together into highly detailed images for your viewing pleasure!  Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, and all of those childhood interests get stirred up and combined into the madness that is Mecha Chaotic.

Game Design Lead/Second Brain

Devtexture - Matt

Matt is a US based 3d/2d illustrator, fan of fantasy, science fiction, and filigree.Making unnecessarily detailed images since 2011 and helping Ethan make random dungeons and dragons nonsense since 2014.


Bonkarooni - Mike

Mike grew up in central PA, and has been a writer/story teller for most of his life.  He’s also moonlighted as a semi-professional gamer, having competed in Starcraft 2 and Magic the Gathering tournaments.

As the Lore Master for Mecha-Chaotic, he’s able to pull from his life long love of science fiction and gritty military stories to create a unique and exciting multiverse for us all to play in!

ROYS Artist/Coloring Machine

Walter Ostlie  T

Walter has been creating, writing, and drawing creator-owned and independent comics for nearly a decade. He started with webcomics before moving into the world of print and graphic novels with his books Cubicles, Shiver Bureau, and the Ringo Award winning Metalshark Bro. Most Recently Walter has been using Webtoons to tell his story with Haxor and Ghost Bats. He also created a YouTube channel to help other creators make their own webtoons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bedlam?

Mecha Chaotic’s Generative PFP Collection of 9666 metabeing NFTs

Mint Price? 

Each Bedlam NFT is .07 ETH

What’s an SOP?

An acronym for Symbols of Power.  These are the tools that you will use to influence the look of your Bedlam mint.

Where will we mint?

When is the mint date?

Public sale was on 12/07. Mint is currently paused.

How do I get on the whitelist?

Our whitelist is closed.

There’s a game!?

Yup! As a Mecha Chaotic holder, you gain access to our alpha,

You can read more about it in our Medium article here.

Free Bedlam Mint!?

Owners of Phase 1 prior to our snapshot on December 7th at 5pm EST were eligible for a free NFT. At this time minting has been paused.